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About Mediator Academy


Mediator Academy is an online education institution. We bring together a global faculty of experts in mediation, conflict and Alternative Dispute Resolution and use innovation in online learning pedagogy and technology to deliver the highest quality educational resources to those at the front line of dispute resolution. Our physical headquarters are in central London but we spend a lot of our time travelling through the Cloud on the information superhighway to deliver online courses and content directly onto your computer or device 24/7/365


Our vision is to change mindset and skills and influence the mainstream adoption of mediation and ADR approaches to resolve disputes of all kinds around the globe by providing the very best education online. Through technology we will reach all corners of the planet and make it as affordable and accessible as possible.


Quality and Rigour

Our approaches to technology, learning design, theory and practice are empirically driven. Our global faculty are respected commentators and experienced practitioners.


We are thoughtful and generously spirited with our colleagues, customers, learners and collaborators.


We are open-minded to new ideas and are always learning.

Innovation and Endeavour

We consistently pursue excellence through transformational learning design and delivery.


Mediator Academy was an accident waiting to happen. Starting from humble beginnings, our founder and CEO, Aled Davies began posting recorded video interviews he’d conducted with experienced mediators and prominent academics on his mediation blog. Gradually these thoughtful conversations began to draw a global audience, until one day a community mediator from a remote part of South East Asia wrote a letter to Aled delighted by an interview he’d just watched of his mediation hero Kenneth Cloke. It was difficult for a mediator in remote parts of the world to gain access to thought leaders in the field of mediation and Mediator Academy had just brought one of them into his front room.

Today Mediator Academy’s subscribers are all working on the front line of dispute resolution in over 50 different countries. Lawyers from London to Louisiana, Law professors in Madrid and High Court Judges in Madras come to Mediator Academy to up-skill, deepen their knowledge and improve their effectiveness. Mediator Academy has partnerships with a number of International University Law Schools and Knowledge Partners with a number of International Mediation and Negotiation Competitions.

Innovation & Learning Design

Our mission is to provide the highest quality educational resources to anyone aspiring to work or currently working on the front line of dispute resolution.  We use an evidence-based approach to learning design, ensuring that all learning resources and activities are designed on the basis of sound pedagogical principles, and are optimised for the online learning environment.

Mediator Academy is a

Recognised Course Provider

Mediator Academy is a Recognised Course Provider for the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIArb)

Successful completion of our Foundation Level Certificate Courses entitle you to become an Associate member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators. Joining as an Associate allows you to use the post-nominal letters ACIArb and also access all other CIArb member benefits.

Earn a digital Professional Development Certificate and show off your newly acquired skills and competence when you successfully complete one of our CPD courses. Our digital certificates use blockchain credentialing technology to issue a verifiable credential that increases third-party confidence and enables you to display it on your LinkedIn profile and other web assets.

Mediator Academy is a